Mike Tonge

Executive Headteacher NLE Michael.Tonge@prestoleetrust.org

I have been Headteacher of Prestolee since 2005.We are a National Support School and a designated Teaching School Prior to that I have worked in Bury and Rochdale in various schools and roles.

I am the Greater Manchester Strategic Lead on the GMSIP Board and I have worked as a consultant for several publishing companies and worked to support schools across the North West. As a headteacher I am surrounded by an excellent team and without that team we would never have gained our outstanding badge.

We have been in the Times top 100 performing schools in the country 3 times now and I am proud of the work we have done, not just in developing and constantly reinvigorating ourselves as a school but in working with others. I believe strongly that schools work only with the will and determination of a strong professional team and that the answers to all questions around school development lie within the system.

I have supported 4 schools which have faced challenging circumstances. I have worked to do peer assisted self-review as a Headteacher on the ‘stepping-up’ programme where shared self-review of leadership and schools have yielded huge benefits to both schools. I am also Executive Headteacher of Bowness Primary School in Bolton, a school in a very challenging context but which is working hard to overcome the many barriers to learning it faces. I have also acted as a Headteacher Mentor.

I strongly believe the capacity for school improvement is in the system. I also believe many schools face very difficult challenges and that context makes a huge difference to schools. The Family of Schools is the embodiment of the principle that we are genuinely stronger together, supporting each other and working to improve all aspects of our work across Greater Manchester.